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Traffic intelligence & Monitoring Tools

Allot Traffic Intelligence sheds light on the enterprise network, empowering business intelligence, operational efficiency, and security forensics. We provide a complete toolkit for seeing and understanding everything that is happening on your company network.

Real-time Network Monitoring: what’s actually happening in the network.

Insightful Network Analytics: make operational decisions based on facts.

Self-Service Data Mining: easily find answers to specific questions.

Smart Data Source: to third-party SIEM and BI analytics systems.

Data Science Services: identify and obtain the right data sets and build customized reports.


Data-driven decisions: Make decisions based on facts. Invest in network expansion only when and where it’s needed.

Rapid troubleshooting: Real-time dashboards and metrics help pinpoint root causes of impairment fast.

Proactive problem solving: Identify and prevent potential problems before they escalate.

Visibility’s Top Benefit
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Smart Control system
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Employee Behavior and Satisfaction
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