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Fortinet provides a dedicated WEB PROXY / CACHING platform from the FortiCache series. The system is an extension of the existing Web Proxy & Caching capabilities in the FortiGate systems, and is designed primarily for SMEs and ENTERPRIES.

The system is designed to provide complete Web / FTP / SSL Proxy services, combined with high performance Web Caching engines and Video Caching.
The system has security capabilities for web filtering in a structured Web filtering.

It also includes a dedicated Video Caching engine for various and varied MEDIA networks. The system provides a caching solution for UPDARE SERVICES such as MICROSOFT.

The FortiCache system comes in three sizes and is not restricted by user license.

The system has several different assimilation configurations:

  • Explicit Proxy
  • Transparent Proxy – Transparent implementation as Bridge
  • WCCP – Integration with FortiGate

The FortiCache system improves user browsing experience and saves about 30% of bandwidth.

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