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Fortinet provides a security and acceleration solution called FortiWeb for Web-based applications. The Appliance-based solution and its active protection role for Web servers, including a combination of multiple security engines and acceleration in parallel.

The FortiWeb system is available in a number of FortiWeb 400/1000/3000 models that provide a wide range of interfaces and performance and in addition is offered in the Virtual Appliance configuration. The FortiWeb system supports compliance with the required PCI DSS regulation from organizations.

The system is capable of working in several work configurations:

Monitor configuration in conjunction with the AUTO Learning engine, which will issue a report on all the various traffic and transactions performed against the web servers, including opening SSL encrypted traffic. Bridge Mode Configuration – Transparent system configuration, no change to network configuration. Server Load Balancer Configuration – Enables security capabilities and load acceleration and decentralization across server farms.

The working modes that support several advanced modules:

  • Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • SSL Offloading and Inspection
  • Application Acceleration
  • Comression
  • Server Load Balancing
  • WAF Auto Learning
  • Data Leakage Prevention – from web servers
  • Authentication Offloading
  • Vulnerability protection
  • Antivirus for XML and Web sites

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