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NX-2000, 3000 SERIES

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

  • Converged compute and storage appliance runs virtual workloads out-of-the-box *
  • Eliminates the SAN to reduce costs and improve IT agility *
  • Incorporates the same distributed software architecture powering Google and other public cloud infrastructures *
  • Delivers linear and seamless scale-out with pay-as-you-grow flexibility *

The Nutanix Approach

Designed with a focus on simplicity

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform radically simplifies the deployment of virtual machines (VMs). The convergence of compute and storage resources into a single integrated platform enables application and virtualization teams to quickly and simply deploy new VMs–with no configuration of back-end storage systems. The elimination of expensive and complex SANs reduces both operating and capital costs. With an unrivaled ability to run VMs out of the box, Nutanix delivers an easy, modular approach to building modern datacenters.

The Nutanix Technology

True Convergence

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform provides native convergence of compute, memory,and storage resources in a single appliance. Unlike early so-called ‘convergence’ approaches that simply bundled separate storage, server, and network devices into a single rack, the Nutanix solution provides an easy-to-deploy appliance that can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Datacenter managers benefit from faster time to value, lower costs, and greater datacenter simplicity.


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